Sipsey Wilderness : Trail 203

Date:   December 15, 2001
Location:  Trail 203 Sipsey Wilderness Area
Trail:  4 Miles    Dayhike
Members:  Tim “Two-Pole” Webb, Frazier “Mariner”Martin and Gary “Whiteman” White

With a bleak forecast of rainy weather, most members opted to find a dry place on this day but these three hearty souls decided to stay with the plan and enjoy the trip.  As usual, the trail was beautiful and all were able to view the splendor of this great area.  This trail is unique in that it carries its passenger from the sandstone formations of the Warrior Basin into the limestone formations of the Tennessee River Divide.  The trail is easy to follow and one can see a variety of vegetation, the down side is that there is a section of trail passing through an old pine plantation that has been infested with southern pine beetles.  This may cause problems in this area in the next few years.

There was a bit of stopping to don and remove rainwear as conditions changed during the day but this always allowed an opportunity to grab a bite to eat or drink.  Toward the Northern terminus of the trail there has been a relocation of the trail to avoid the shooting range, this relocation is just a flagged path as no construction has been done on it yet. “Two-Pole” and “Mariner” decided to follow the original trail to the shooting range and travel the road across Borden Creek but “Whiteman” followed the flagged path and waded the creek (which was about that deep and cold).  This new section will be nice when it is completed as it follows the creek quite some distance.

Dry and warm in the truck, all agreed that this was a fine day for a walk in the woods.

Submitted this the 20th day of December 2001 by “Whiteman”.