Roan Mountain Appalacian Trail

Date: June 28,29&30
Location: Appalacian Trail, Roan Mtn, Carvers gap to Hwy.19E
Trail: 13 to 15 mi. most stayed overnight, one day hiked.
Members: Tim "two-pole"Webb, Gary "Whiteman"White, Foster "First Pilgrim"Parsons,
Danny Millwood, Chris"Bama"Tyree, "Bomber" and Nena Brown.

Whiteman, Danny, First Pilgrim and Two-Pole arrived Friday evening after a somewhat cramped trip
of nearly eight hours at the Times Square motel in downtown Elk Park, NC.

After all had checked in to our four star accommodations, we retired to the balcony to admire the local
scenery and mingle with the other guest. Soon we were joined by Bama Tyree who had decided to rough
it on the motel floor.

Whiteman soon noticed two ladies with a flat tire in the parking lot, they appeared to be in need of
assistance, and being the gentleman he is, offered his assistance but the ladies informed him that
help was on the way. After a while the triple A man showed up and changed the flat.

Meanwhile back at the motel Whiteman met two unfortunate hikers that spent a rather wet and windy
night on the trail and were trying to dry out. We could only hope our luck would be better.

Someone decided it was time to find some grub, so we proceeded to Banner Elk.
to check out the local cuisine, after some discussion all decided to eat at the Louisiana Purchase.
There we had a fine dining experience and Danny got a lesson in etiquette. Although the food
was good, First Pilgrim noticed we did not get a "deed". All good meals must by followed by
desert and Whiteman having the keen sense of a hound dog , soon found a ice cream parlor ,
and desert was had by all.

Saturday morning we arose to cloudy skies and fog.                                                                                                      After breakfast, First Pilgrim, Whiteman and Bama were dropped at the trail crossing on Hwy.19E,
Two-Pole and Danny drove to Carvers Gap and waited for Bomber,Nena,Hank and Jim.
Two-Pole and Danny decided to go on as the others were late.

The views were not great because of the fog but the air was cool,
after about 1.5mi. Two-Pole and Danny took a side trip out to Grassy Ridge,
then on to the over mountain shelter to meet the rest of the group.

Two-Pole and Danny arrived early and napped while waiting for the rest of the group.
Bomber and Nena arrived next and Bama shortly after with Whiteman and First pilgrim in hot pursuit.
Hank and Jeff mysteriously didn't show up. Bama decided to head back home early and headed out.

We settled in for the night and got aquainted with the other overnighters at the barn,
"Postcard" had been on the trail for 39 days and is trying to get to Pennsylvania by Sept.
Then there was "Elsa" and "Nancy" they had spent the previous night on Roan high knob.
All were great company and many laughs were had.
Later that night we were treated to a pre- 4th of July fireworks show by some
campers in the valley below.

Sunday morn we arose to a beautiful sunrise and had a hardy breakfast, packs were loaded
and everyone departed there separate ways.

The views were great, and for most of us this was a unique hike on grass covered balds
from which you could see all directions.

We met at the trail crossing on 19E and headed home with a great hike behind us, some complaints of sore feet were soon replaced with talk of the hike, a good time was had by all.

Submitted this the 6th day of July 2002 by Danny Millwood.

          Danny and Two-Pole at Carvers Gap                                S.W.H.C. Members at the barn, Bomber,Nena,
                                                                                                        Two-Pole, First Pilgrim, Whiteman and Danny
   View of the barn from Yellow Mtn.                                                                 Hump Mtn.