Great Smoky Mtns. National Park : Mount LeConte Shelter

Date:            August 11-12, 2001
Location:      MT LeConte Shelter - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Trail:             Hiker Selected
Members:     Bomber, Nena, Two-Pole, Whiteman, Steve, Eight, Four, Danny, Kim, P. G., Navigator, and Hank
Guests:         Marsh Wilkes: The one-wheel backpack man from Florida, and many unnamed ice cream eaters from Le Conte Lodge.  Plus four very unhappy hikers victimized by the National Park Service.

Once departed, the arrival of the SWHC members into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park varied in routes and modes of travel, as well as times and dates:
Some by truck,
Some by van
Some by plane
But none by train
Once into the mountains each member chose their trail to the MT Le Conte Shelter:
Some by the short trail
Some by the long trail
Some by the difficult trail
Some by the more difficult trail
But only Huggens has gone through the hell
Once on the trail to the Le Conte shelter:
Some walked quickly
Some walked, and even one rolled, slowly
Some walked more slowly
Some stopped only thrice, but they carried no ice.
Once on top of ol Le Conte much did occur:
Some arrived quickly
Some arrived not so quickly
All did reached the shelter
And the ice did not melt
Once departing more did occur:
Again each departed a different way
Except the four who had a rather brief stay
Some left late, and some left early,
And one left very, very, very early.
As in most activities, the SWHC enjoyed luxuries normally not associated with a backpacking experience. The evening camp hosted several skeptics who were pleasantly surprised not to only find ice cream (two flavors), but also steaks grilling over an open fire, and not even one of them noticed two were missing.  After supper most turned in, while others traded stories and medications around the campfire.  Members and guests alike were lulled to sleep, and awakened the next morning to an official Boy Scout bugle.

Submitted by Eight - 4 September 2001

         Danny, Kim, "Navigator" and "Hank"                                      "Navigator" hangs his pack for the night.
                at Ice Water Springs shelter.

   Sleeping accommodations at Mt. LeConte shelter                   S.W.H.C Members and guest pose in front of
                                                                                                                             Mt. LeConte shelter.