Little River Canyon National Preserve : Powell Trail

June 16, 2001
Location: Little River Canyon National Preserve
Trail:  Powell Trail - River Trail    Approximately 5 Miles
Members:  James “Bomber” Brown, Nena “Nena” Brown, Gary “Whiteman” White, Donna “Small Frame”
Noblett, Marty “Navigator” Schulman, Julie “PG” Smith, Danny “Danny” Millwood, Kim “Kim” Millwood.

After slight waiting delays for Whiteman and Small Frame the group finally met at Collinsville for their trek up to Lookout Mountain.  The caravan, led of course by Navigator up the mountainside to the alleged trailhead.  There the group unloaded to wait while Danny and Navigator spotted a vehicle at the end of the trail.  After a short reconnaissance down the trail Whiteman decided this was not the Powell trailhead.  He convinced the others that Navigator had failed to read the directions that came with his GPS receiver and they proceeded about a mile down the road to a sign that read “Powell Trail”.

The day was beautiful and the trail fairly good as the party descended into the deepest gorge in Alabama.  The rains from the previous day had left the trail a little slick but this group could not be bothered by a little mud. Shortly after the trail reached the river and the hearty group turned downstream they realized that the trail along the river did not exist.  Nonetheless our party could not be disheartened by something as minor as this so they proceed to rock-hop along the river where it was possible and bushwhack along the steep side-slope where the river would not allow them to hike within its banks.

After several hours and a few yellow jacket attacks some of the members became concerned that darkness could fall before their exit from this mighty canyon that runs its entire length on the top of a mountain.  Others of the group convinced them that such an event would not be a problem since we are all experienced hikers and always are prepared for contingencies.  After calming all fears we continued down the river, enjoying our botany lessons from Navigator and watching the numerous fish in the river.  At one point during a rest stop Danny, Whiteman and Navigator decided to take a swim, enjoying the surprisingly warm water and relaxing in the moderate current.  Also this was when the group learned how Whiteman got his name.

As we continued our trek Nena came to the realization that this hike was treacherous but we were enjoying the flora and fauna so much that our dismay at not having a developed trail was obscured.  Finally we reached a creek flowing in from the West and we knew that we were nearing our destination, also we could see day hikers who had ventured from the picnic area.  The remainder was reminiscent of a walk in the park and soon we found ourselves at the vehicle none the worse for wear and on our way to find a nice COLD drink.

Submitted this the 3rd day of July in 2001 by Whiteman.


                Kim searches for a way across.                                           Bomber and "Whiteman" enjoy the view


              "Navigator"  I found the trail ?                                                         End of a hard days hike.