Club BBQ

Date:  July 13, 2002
Location:  One-half's House in Cotaco(kah-tey-guh), Morgan County, Alabama
Members:  Bomber, Neon, Whiteman, Hank, Danny, Splash, Emily, Foster, Betty, PG, Four, One-Half and Eight.

On July 13, 1588, a group of French citizens were making plans to storm the Bastille Prison beginning the French Revolution(Dah,da,da,Dah,de,da,dah,de,dah,Deh,da,da,dah).  While on July 13, 1978 Eight and Four's mom were in the garden picking peas and awaiting Four's arrival on the next morning.  And now, yet another momentous occasion can be noted on the 13th of July; SWHC has celebrated it's second annual July get-together.  The event was enjoyed by all which included friends and family of potential members, and several other guests which included friends and family of SWHC's number and fraction element.  Special attention was given to Four in honor of her twentieth-fourth year in the giving of gifts which included a money-hiking-stick from SWHC members.  Once again the French flag was proudly displayed, but no Frenchmen were present.

Again an assortment of foods found their way to the tables spread before presence of our friends.  The grill was roaring as it parched away at the many pounds of poultry and beef laid ever so lovingly on the glowing steel grate strongly anchored between the fire brick boundaries of the molting arbors chunks.  Several pieces of poultry, along with Eight's right knee and thigh were permanently altered.  At the zenith of pain-a balm was dropped on Cotaco:  "The cries from below were heard, and showers were sent to relieve the sufferings of my children" - Hezekiah 8:1.

The brief, but heavy rain fallen, only dampen the ground and not the spirits of those present.   Conversation, eating, swimming, horseshoes, and lounging upon the porch and grounds filled the day.  The savor of all the many food dishes were even more enhanced by the talents of  Whiteman as he once again churned his magic.

Whiteman's Churn
Whether on mountains high or the valleys low,
There is one thing we'll always know, Whiteman's churn will go!
Whether it's in the heat or in the snow,
There is one thing we'll always know,  Whiteman's  churn will go!
Whether our spirits are high or low,
This one thing we know, Whiteman's churn will go!
Whether it be chocolate or vanilla,
This one thing we'll always know, Whiteman's churn will go!
Whether Heaven on high or Hell below,
This one thing we'll always know, Whiteman's churn will go!
And whether it be this world or the next,
The other thing we'll always know, Bomber will carry no more ice !!!!

Submitted by Eight- 6 August 2002
                         Eight tends the grill                                                                   Guest enjoy conversation


                                                                    Everyone preparing to eat.