Lewis Smith Lake : Club BBQ

Date: 14 July 2001
Location: Lewis Smith Lake on Ryan’s Creek @ Eight’s
Members: Bomber, Nena, Two-Pole, Rebecca, Whiteman, Donna, Danny, Kim, Eight, Navigator, Chelsea, Emily, Andrew, and Whitney.

On July 14, 1588, French citizens stormed the Bastille Prison beginning the French Revolution, and on July 14, 1978, Eight witnessed the birth of Four. Today, July 14, 2001, the SWHC met at Eight’s to enjoy a monthly get-together, and to commemorate the previously mentioned historical event. Neither was Four, or any Frenchmen in attendance at the outing. However, a good time was had by all beneath the national flag of France.

An assortment of foods found their way to the table: potato salad, green salad, baked beans (iron- pot-cooked), corn, green beans with new potatoes, homemade pickles, Ice cream and watermelon. Whiteman was anointed as "de-duke-of-gril", and battled raging flames and intense smoke to bring forth delicious steaks, chicken, pork chops, burgers, and smoke sausage. The quantity of foods were only surpassed by the quality, it can be said that all faired their fill.

Lesziere bon tomp Rouilere!

"Let the good times roll"

Submitted by Eight - 4 September 2001

S.W.H.C Members at the first annual Club BBQ