Club Picnic

SWHC Picnic 2013

Date: Saturday, 13 July 2013

Location: Brushy Lake Recreation Area, Bankhead National Forest

Members and Guests: Laura, Glenda, Kim, Junior, Erika, Danny, Nena, Larry, Gary, Bomber, Mimi (not in photo)

Glenda, Junior, Erika

The weather cooperated fully and we all had a very nice picnic at the Brushy Lake Recreation Area. Due to the recent rain storms, the lake was at a higher level than usual. The same could be said of the height of the surrounding shrubbery.

Most of us took a walk before lunch over to the dam which - first time in my experience - actually had a fair amount of water flowing over it. In times past, if you ignored the warning signs discouraging such activity, you could easily walk across the top of the structure. Not today. You'd have been swept away.

Kim, Danny

Moving on to more important things, the selection of food was magnificent this year. In addition to the usual steaks, pork chops, hot dogs, and sausages we carnivores love to grill, we accompanied these with orzo salad, little yellow potato salad, baked beans, chips, and tomato/cheese hors d'oeuvre. On the sweeter side, some of the highlights were creamy grape salad, sugar-free brownies, home-made lavender bread, and two different mixes of cut fresh fruit. Drinks included lavender lemonade, ice tea, and sodas. Junior brought a watermelon but everyone was too full to indulge.

We did manage to squeeze in a very brief business meeting. The minutes (or more like one minute) are posted elsewhere. We started gathering around 10 AM and finished up just before 2 PM.

Submitted 14 July 2013

Text: Larry

Photos: Mimi