Indian Tomb Hollow

Date: Saturday, 12 Oct 12 2013

Location: Bankhead National Forest, Alabama

Trails: makeshift to tell the truth

Members: Bart, Gary, James, Keith, Larry, Mimi, Vanessa

Guests: April, Dulcy, Sherry, Zach; Blessing (dog)

SWHC 12 Oct 2013

The morning of the 12th was cool and a perfect day for a hike. We met up at the Warrior Mountains Trading Company at 08:00 and linked up with our guests. We decided to caravan out to our site around 08:15.

We followed AL 36 about two miles east to County Road 86, turning right. Another couple of miles, paved at first later not, put us at a gate at one end of an old road. This is where we parked (as best we could).

We started down the trail and walked about a quarter mile and made a left to explore High House Hill. The hill is a box canyon that has many fingers that jut out. It is characterized by the high limestone walls that make up the hill.

We took our time and the pace was leisurely. This allowed for many breaks to explore the area. One stop provided the group an opportunity to climb up on the rock wall and see things from a different perspective. On one of the breaks, it was noted that we are group of people who like to snack and occasionally hike.

We decided to break for lunch around 11:30 under one of the numerous limestone overhangs on the trail. After lunch, we made our way out of the box canyon on our way to the marker tree

This was not an easy find. With a crude map and general sense of direction, we searched in vain for the illusive marker tree. After about 45 minutes of looking we decided to call it a day. We picked up the main trail to head back into parking area when our guest Zach found the marker tree. It was located right off the main trail. We took our group photo and were relieved that we had accomplished our goal of finding it. We grouped back up on the main trail and made it to the parking area around 2:00 pm.

Distance: Unknown but probably around 5 miles.

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Submitted 23 Oct 2013

Text: Keith

Photo: Gary