Club Picnic

Date: Saturday, July 14, 2012
Location: CCC Shelter, Sipsey River Picnic Grounds, Bankhead National Forest
Members & Guests: Bart & Jennifer, Foster & Betty, Cherie, Keith, Brayden, Gary, Larry, Mimi

SWHC Club Picnic 2012 The humidity had already kicked in by the time we started setting up near 10 AM. The Sipsey Picnic Grounds are old-fashioned and while they could be better maintained, they do provide a lovely spot for an outing, particularly around the log and stone shelter built by the CCC during the 30's. (Gary's grandfather was integral to the success of the project.)

It is a bit of a schlep from the parking lot to the shelter, could be half a mile over uneven and rocky trail. It certainly felt that far while we were transporting a small wagon loaded with the equipment necessary to run an electric ice cream maker. We compensated for the shelter's lack of electricity with a car battery and a 2000 watt power inverter. From my (and my back's) perspective, the weight of the ice was more the issue.

As for the food, meat selections this year included hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, and pork chops. These were accompanied by potato chips and salsa, cole slaw, potato and pasta salads, mixed fruit salad plus watermelon and cantelope and I have probably forgotten something. Cookies and lavendar cake went well with the ice cream. We washed it down with tea, water, and sodas.

We were supposed to squeeze in a brief club business meeting at some point but we never got around to it. No matter, the next one is only three weeks away and things just don't move that fast in Alabama in the summertime.

SWHC Club Picnic 2012

Submitted 18 Jul 2012
Text: Larry
Photos: Mimi

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