Sipsey Wilderness
Kinlock and Parker Falls

Date: Saturday, December 15, 2012
Location: Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest, Alabama
Members: Keith
Guests: Dale, Kitty, Blessing (dog)

Parker I arrived at Thompson trail head at 8:00am and I was not sure who to expect since Larry informed me that there was so much going on during this week and weekend.

Around 8:05 I met 2 hikers from Birmingham, Dale & Kitty, who saw our posting on our web site about our hike to the Big Tree. I informed them that we needed at least one more person to join our hike for safety reason (If I got hurt, who would go for help as they were unfamilar to the region, vice versa, If they got hurt, that would be a long hike for me).

I waited untill 8:20 to see if anyone was going to show. At 8:25 I decided that I would host our guest to a guided tour of Sipsey. I proposed that we should go to Kinlock Falls and Parker Falls since they have never been. They liked the idea and we departed the area and headed to Kinlock Falls.
After showing them around Kinlock, we packed up and moved to Parker Falls. We kicked off the the hike around 9:00 and made our decent down to the falls. Parker Cascade was nothing but trickle of water but they enjoyed the view. We made it to Parker Falls and they were in awe of the natural surroundings. I showed them the top of the falls and showed them how each creek (Hubbard, Borden, and Quillan has a part of forming the Sipsey river basin.

After exploring the area, we decided to head back to our cars. Dale and Kitty were eager to explore some more so I suggested they check out Falls Creek Falls. I directed them on the map on how to get to the "fat man squeeze" (they wanted to go there) and how to get to the falls.

We departed the area by 11:15. Overall a good day spent in the Sipsey,

For these and other photos, please see our Picasa Web Album Sipsey Hike December 2012.

Submitted 15 December 2012
Text, Photos: Keith

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