Club Picnic

Date: Saturday, July 9, 2011
Location: Corinth Recreation Area, Bankhead National Forest, Alabama
Members: Bart, Bomber, Gary, Larry, Mike, Mimi, Nena, Owen
Guests: Jennifer, Laura

SWHC Picnic, July 2011

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The scenically-located group shelter at Corinth was certainly spacious enough for the ten of us – and provided electricity too. (We are quite willing to cut up big trees in the Wilderness with a crosscut saw but to manually turn the crank on an ice cream maker is out of scope.)

While exploring the nearby area, we spotted a newly born white-tailed deer. We probably should have been paying more attention to the chiggers in the surrounding woods.

The uncoordinated, pot-luck meal was as successful as ever featuring an impressive array of marinated meats on the grill, no hamburgers or hot dogs in sight. Side dishes included orzo and potato salads, veggies, chips, corn on the cob, lavender bread, and a variety of fruits including melon and Mike's blueberries, fresh-picked from his plantation.

For dessert, brownies and chocolate mint cookies competed with Gary's made-on-the-spot ice cream.

The day was warm and the place quite pleasant for just hanging out so we didn't do much but sit around, eat, and shoot the breeze. The curious would occasionally wander off to see if the fawn was still there.

On the way out, we stopped to visit the historic Corinth Baptist Church.

Submitted 30 July 2011
Text: Larry
Photo: Bomber

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