Club Picnic

Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010
Location: Clear Creek Recreation Area, Bankhead National Forest, Alabama
Members: Bomber, Doris, Foster, Gary, James, Jim, Larry, Mimi, Nena, Sandy, Shelby, Yvonne
Guests: Betty, Danielle, Dave, Irene

This year's annual it's-too-hot-to-go-hiking picnic was held at the Clear Creek Recreation Area in the Bankhead National Forest near Curry. The club reserved the Elm Leaf pavilion, a spacious and attractive site on a point surrounded by water on three sides.

As usual, the pot-luck food was notable for both its quality and variety. Special mention must be given to the elk burgers that Jim supplied.

The shelter did not supply us with an electrical outlet which did not bode well for homemade ice cream. (I mean like, you think we're all going to sit around on a hot humid afternoon and manually turn the crank on an ice cream maker?) But Gary hooked together enough car batteries to save the day. Thus we all were able to enjoy chocolate ice cream while waiting for AAA to come and restart our cars. Okay, I made up that last part, but the 12V ice cream was tasty enough to jumpstart anyone's tastebuds.

Predicted thunderstorms held out until well after lunch and we were able to get in a boat tour of Clear Creek followed by a quick ride over to Foster and Betty's house downstream from the rec area.

There is a group photo but unfortunately it was taken after lunch and cannot be published since everybody complained that they look too fat.

Submitted 08 Sep 2010
Text: Larry

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