Big Lagoon, Bon Secour

Date: Thursday - Sunday, February 11-14, 2010
Location: Big Lagoon State Park, Pensacola, FL and Bon Secour NWR, Gulf Shores, AL
Members: Foster, Larry, Mimi

Foster, Larry at Big Lagoon For the second year, the club scheduled an outing for this great area. This year, the weather was a problem and Danny's father died. Because of this only Larry, Mimi, and Foster made the trip.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon with good weather but a winter storm warning was announced. Shortly after dark, it started raining and did not stop until Friday afternoon. Larry and Mimi visited friends Friday. Foster stayed in the park and did some hiking in the afternoon. There were noticable improvements from last year. The bath house had been renovated and some of the boardwalks had been rebuilt.

Trigger's Seafood Restaurant is still a great place to eat seafood. Larry and Mimi also tried the Point and reported it to be good. L&M went to Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday and enjoyed it. Foster did more of Big Lagoon's trails.

Saturday night, Foster experienced a campsite invasion by at least three critters wearing masks. They ate raisins, cookies, hot chocolate mix, cider mix, and freeze-dried beef stew. They failed to find the can opener and so left the can goods alone. Also they found the coffee singles not to their liking and trashed them. They did not leave a thank you note.

We cleaned up the mess on Sunday morning, packed up and came home. For our next visit to this area, we should consider spring or summer.
Campsite 44 at Big Lagoon
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Submitted 17 Feb 2010
Text: Foster Parsons
Photos: Mimi Barkey

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