Sipsey Wilderness
Trails 206, 209, West Borden

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010
Location: Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead National Forest, Alabama
Trails: 206 - Thompson Creek,  209 - Sipsey River,  West Borden Creek
Members: Anthony, Jennifer, Keith, Larry, Mimi, Nancy

SWHC at Fall Creek Falls, 13 Mar 2010 On a cool, drizzly morning six folks showed up at the Borden Trailhead to hike and picnic in the wilderness.

We carpooled over to the Thompson Trailhead where we began our hike about 8:30 AM.

In order to avoid (we thought) several nasty stream crossings, we chose to travel on the eastern sides of trails 206 and 209 and the western side along Borden Creek.

What we did not realize was how high the normally gentle creeks and feeder streams would rise too.
As you can see we had a good day and kept moving. We did have to scoot across one large tree bridge and ford some low watery creeks with very slippery banks but, all in all, other than messy “mud painted” designs on our hiking pants, we did well and ended up back at the Borden trailhead before 4 PM.

Trail conditions were okay. Some work has obviously been done along 206 and other than having to squeeze through the branches of a large fallen beech tree, we had no problems. Trail 209 has more obstacles, some requiring a detour of more than just a few yards. The situation is not terrible or anything but it did slow us down a little.
Anthony crossing Bee Branch
The wildflowers show great promise with lots of sprouts and buds, but very few flowers. So get on out there in the next few weeks and the Sipsey will be showing her awakened sleeping beauties.

See you next month at Cane Creek Canyon ?
To view more photos (in better resolution), please see our Picasa Web Album River Trail 2010.

Submitted 17 Mar 2010
Text and Photos: Mimi Barkey

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