Walls of Jericho

Date: Saturday, May 17, 2008
Location: Walls of Jericho, Jackson County, Alabama
Members: Anthony & Jennifer, Danny & Kim & Chelsea & Emily, Foster, Gary, Gina, Larry & Mimi, Mike
Guests: Joe, Judy, Sandy

Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Club, May 2008
The club squeezed in a very nice weekend at the Walls of Jericho between the welcome spring rains.

Almost all the parties had a different arrangement. Some hiked but didn't camp, some camped but didn't hike. Some camped for two nights, some for one. And some opted for motel accommodations, anticipating the amenities at the horse trailhead to be not much different than those Joshua probably encountered at the other Jericho three millennia back.
Camping Gina in the kitchen

The morning temperature on Saturday was downright cool and remained quite tolerable for most of the day. Early morning fog gave way to plenty of sunshine and we were grateful for any breeze as we climbed back out of the canyon in the afternoon.

Crossing Hurricane Creek Upper end of the canyon

Thursday's rain made for some slick spots in the trail but none of the broke-bone-threatening slippery slopes we remembered from 2006. A number of new signs were posted reminding people to please keep on the established trails and not go tromping/trampling off in the forest. Most of the hikers seemed very respectful of the natural environment.

Down in the hole Lunch

We were apparently too early in the year for the Indian Pinks which so intrigued us two years ago but numerous other wildflowers grabbed our attention as did the multitude of butterflies. We spotted a Honey Locust tree, this being the very southern end of its range.

The Walls of Jericho is a popular hiking spot. We shared the trail with about fifty other hikers though never felt crowded. The sign at the trailhead suggests allowing about six hours for the hike - that's a good number.

To view more photos (in better resolution), please see Mike's Picasa Web Album Walls of Jericho.
Walls of Jericho
Submitted 25 May 2008
Text: Larry Barkey
Photos: Mike Henshaw, Mimi Barkey

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