Club Picnic

Date: Saturday, July 14, 2007
Location: Brushy Lake Rec Area, Bankhead National Forest, Alabama
Members: Gary, Milton, Mike, Kelley, Foster, Myrna, Larry, Danny & family, Mimi, Anthony, Jennifer
Guests: Betty, Sharon, Julia

Gary White, Milton Barker, Mike Henshaw, Kelley Barker, Betty Parsons, Foster Parsons, Myrna Tuggle, Sharon Adams, Larry Barkey, Julia Wharton, Kim Millwood, Emily Millwood, Mimi Barkey, Danny Millwood, Chelsea Millwood, Anthony Lawler, Jennifer Lawler

The party actually began the day before as a number of club members camped overnight. Campsite #4 proved to be a good one with plenty of room for tents, a pavilion, and the club's camping kitchen.

The food was of great variety with potato and pasta salads, all manner of chips and dips, fresh fruits and vegetables, and meats ranging from hot dogs to grilled salmon. No shortage of desserts either.

Larry and Mimi brought two nine-and-a-half foot kayaks and Milton and Kelley had a canoe. Almost everyone took a paddle around the lake. The campsite was very conveniently located for putting the boats in the water.

Gary's homemade Ladder Ball game was a great success. Ladder Ball is something like Horseshoes only bolos (golf balls connected by a cord) are tossed at rungs on a ladder. For more about the game (and better art work), you might have a look at

Submitted 24 November 2007
Text: Larry Barkey, Mimi Barkey
Photo: Milton Barker
Drawing: Leonardo da Vinci

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