Monte Sano State Park

Date: Saturday, May 5, 2007
Location: Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, Alabama
Trails: Sinks, Stone Cut, others  
Members: Bart, Gary

Bart tries out the camp kitchen The weekend started with a car camp at the camp grounds. We found the primitive camp sites to be very clean and well laid out with plenty of room. There was a bathhouse/restroom in easy walking distance from the camp site. There was a small country store and info center that provided any last minute items needed for camping. The staff and guest manager were very helpful with needs we had.

Friday night proved to be a great night to be out camping with a night time temperature in the low 60s with a brief passing rain that only lasted long enough to deposit a small amount of water in Gary's tent.

Saturday morning arrived with overcast clouds and temps in the 60's. We experienced no rain on the trail Saturday. We can now say the camp kitchen is a great addition to our camp supplies as it really proved to be so useful.

The only problem we run into was that Gary and myself stood around for a couple of hours waiting on someone to prepare the breakfast. After an hour or so of waiting with empty plates we tried to remember who's day it was to cook.

At first we thought it was Anthony and Jennifer so we waited for them to begin cooking and later we decided it must have been Larry and Mimi's turn to cook so as the hunger really started to take its toll on both of us we took matters into our own hands and Gary went to work and in short order we had homemade or camp made biscuits with eggs ready to serve.

I think the new kitchen made the biscuits better - at least they did not contain as many sticks and leaves from cooking on the ground.
Bacon, Eggs, and Better Biscuits

We started our hike at 09:30 with some cloud cover and great temperatures for walking. We chose some easy trails and some that were a little more difficult. The length of our hike was around 8.7 miles and we stayed on the trail for almost 5 hours. We found the trails very well marked and the map was easy to follow. We were surprised about how many trails there were to use. We did walk out by the cabins that were built by the CCC in the 1930's and found them to be very nice.

Stone Cuts Stone Cuts
Monte Sano trail view We encountered many wild flowers and found out that we needed Mimi and Hank to help us with the types. So Gary and I put them in three different classes of red ones and blue ones and some yellow ones.

I would rate the entire experience as "A" as the trails were well maintained and well marked. I was surprised to only see two other hikers, two bike riders and one jogger during the 5 hour trip as it was a beautiful day for a walk.

I would suggest that, for the ones who missed this trip, to follow up later with a trip to the "Mountain of Health".

Thank you and as Foster always closes with, "Life is Good"

Submitted 10 May 2007
Photos: Gary White
Text: Bart Seymour


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