224 - Bunyan Hill Horse and Wagon Trail     Map

Easy - Moderate.  Although this trail is mainly traversed to connect with other trails, some interesting scenery pops up now and then, especially at the southern end. Horseback riding and horse-drawn wagons are permitted, though it would be a bit of a squeeze for a wagon in some sections. While some do complain about the initial uphill grade when hiking north from the trailhead, in general the walking is easy.

This description will assume you are hiking from the southern/eastern terminus and proceeding first to the west and then more to the northwest. The experience is about the same in either direction.

Access the southern end by crossing the bridge at the Borden Trailhead. (The parking lot for this trailhead is located about half a mile back up the road from the bridge.) The trail climbs steadily for about the first half mile, Braziel Creek disappearing from view down below.

After about the first mile and a half, the path levels out and even has some long straight stretches. Some hikers find the northern half of this trail a bit monotonous. But hikers tend to relish obstacles while horses and wagons generally do not. And if the winter scenery can sometimes be a little bleak, there are people who think wilderness is supposed to be desolate. This website admits a bias in favor of waterfalls and beautiful rocks but, hey, something for everyone.

About four miles from the south end, you encounter the northern terminus of trail 204 - Bee Ridge. The Bunyan Hill trail continues for almost another mile, ending at trail 208 - Northwest.

Although the terrain is generally flat enough for camping, you would need to carry in all your water. The campsites adjacent to the Borden Trailhead are a better option.

The trail is mainly used for day hikes to the Big Tree, horseback riding, and as a component of longer loop hikes. For example, from Borden Trailhead down West Borden (or 200), west on 209 to 204 (or East Bee Branch), north to the end of 204, return on 224 - about 13 miles all told.