207 - Braziel Creek Trail     Map

Moderate - Difficult.  Like the Lookout Trail, 207 is underutilized and can be difficult to follow. It is well worth the effort however. The southern portion follows Braziel Creek at varying elevations. The northern part takes you right up under jutting rocks near the top of the bluff. This trail features some of the better scenic views in the Wilderness, including a heavily tornado-damaged section.

Trail 207 runs from the south in conjunction with trail 203 from the Borden Trailhead. The northern end runs into trail 208 - Northwest about a half mile west of the Gum Pond Trailhead. And for those hiking north, it should be mentioned that that last half mile on 208 runs unrelentingly uphill from the end of 207 to the trailhead.

Starting from the south, trail 207 splits from 203 very early on and crosses Borden Creek. If the water is high (winter usually), this can pose a problem. Some people cross the bridge at the trailhead and follow trail 224 a little ways up Braziel Creek to where a couple of large fallen trees over the creek serve as a bridge. Trail 207 is then rejoined a short distance to the east.

The southern half of the trail follows Braziel Creek to where it joins Clifty Creek. The path takes you alternately up the bank side hills and down to the water for varying scenery. The grade can be a little steep now and then and the location of the pathway a bit obscured; so you want to keep track of which direction you are walking in just in case.

The northern half is routed up the hill to the bluff where there are overhanging rocks and suggestions of caves. Coming from the south, you need to watch for the spot where the trail leaves Clifty Creek and ascends the hill. The path to the top is rather steep from either side though not terribly long.

Camping opportunities exist, though more in the south where water is readily available and the land is flatter. Some people camp at the top of the bluff though it would be a bit of a schlep to get water.

Trail 207 could be combined with trail 203 - Lookout to make a loop by hiking along the unpaved FS 208 road between the Gum Pond Trailhead and the Flannagin Trailhead. The distance would be a little less than 3 miles and scenery is actually quite good. It is probably easier to walk east and south from the Gum Pond Trailhead rather than the other way since the road tends to descend more than ascend in that direction.