Directions to Caney Creek Falls

Caney Creek Falls are close to but outside the boundary of the Sipsey Wilderness Area and not really within walking distance of any of the Wilderness trailheads. Here are the directions as (more or less) provided by the USFS, starting from the Bankhead National Forest District Rangers Office on AL Hwy 33, about a mile north of Double Springs.

Leave the office. Go north on Hwy 33 for 3.0 miles. Turn left on County Road 2. Go 3.7 miles to a small place to park on the right side of the road, just past mailbox 9916.

(That's from the east. If you were coming down Hwy 195 from Haleyville, about half a mile past Ashridge, look for CR 2, on your left this time. Turn left and that small place to park will be about 1.5 miles on the left.)

Either way, park off the road. There is a gate across the trail. Walk past the gate and follow the old road trail to the falls.

We thank Allen McBroom for the following coordinates:

Parking: 34 14.128N, 087 26.058W

High Falls: 34 14.744N, 087 26.007W

For more information, try searching Google Maps for the following:

Caney Creek Trailhead, Winston, Alabama 35553
South Fork Caney Creek, Winston, Alabama 35553
North Fork Caney Creek, Winston, Alabama 35553

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