The Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM
at the Bernice Hilton Walker Building, Hwy 195, Double Springs, Alabama.
For more information contact the club:
phone (205) 489-3989 (ask for Gary White)

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The Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Club dues are as follows:
Single (individual) Membership  $15.00 per year
Family (household) Membership  $25.00 per year
Payment is due the first Tuesday in January of each year.
Membership Application

Trail Maintenance

  On the Saturday following the first Tuesday (October thru April), club members volunteer time for a trail maintenance work day on trail 210 - Mitchell Ridge in the Sipsey Wilderness.

Federal regulations do not permit the use of power tools in a designated Wilderness Area so the club has a number of bow saws, crosscut saws, axes, and bush hooks. Members usually bring their own hand pruners, loppers, and/or machetes.

And by the way, everyone is welcome to join us even if they just want to help carry the tools and not actually use them.

Club Hikes and Outings

  There is one club outing per month. This is usually a day hike with optional overnight camping, with or without backpacking. We try to mix it up.

For months with a work day, the outing generally occurs on the following Saturday. For the warmer months, check the Calendar of Events.

Other Club Events

  The annual club picnic is usually some Saturday in July and we have a pot-luck holiday food fest at the December meeting.  


  The club has a limited amount of T-shirts, caps, and patches for sale, all featuring the club logo. At the present time, these items are just sold at the meetings and other gatherings. We do not have an online store but arrangements can be made for shipping when necessary.

Adult-sized short-sleeve T-shirts cost $10, long-sleeve are $15 with an extra $2 for double extra large sizes. Caps and youth-sized T's are $15. Patches cost $4 (new members get one or two for free).

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